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What are your thoughts on GM signing on to NACS? Lots more to think about now. Seems like this is becoming a pretty powerful forcing function in adopting an actual standard. EV adoption is really in its infancy, so maybe this is still a good time to encourage use of the standard that is currently the most prevalent in NA.

If it becomes a viable standard, will the other charging providers be allowed to use / license the NACS on their systems? While this may cause angst among current CCS users, adapters are available in that direction, too.

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Hey, Tim.

Appreciate the second article. I also have mixed feelings on this. As someone who has owned both a Tesla and an Ioniq5, I must say that the charging experience is so different. EVERY Tesla charge was seamless. Drive up, plug in, and walk away. That has NOT been my experience with the Hyundai. Even when it works correctly, it feels clunky. We were going to go on a longer drive to Aiden's college, and the sparsity of charge points and the mapping of those CPs for the Ionic made us actually decide to take his car instead.

So, ASSUMING it becomes that seamless with the Mach E, I was excited to hear about it. However, I'm a realist, and I just don't know if it will be that easy. I feel the Tesla engineers care more about their charging network and work harder at it than EA, which still seems to have issues.

Again, mixed feelings.

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