Hi! I’m in a Atl suburb & researching to buy my first (& used) EV. Walked away recently fr a stellar deal on a BMW i3 - size kinda scares me should I get in an accident. But owners of that model swear by its reliability and handling. It’s def quirky and peppy! I then test drove an I-pace but later read it’s highly unreliable. Test drove model 3 - drove great but I’m ready to ride higher after the past 5 years in my Alfa Giulia. Tested a model Y and reallllyyy like it!! Just scared about future costs. The current prices have me also worried it’s too good to be true? Why are people dumping them??

I read the VW ID is a bad purchase.

Do you recommend any other brands?

I’ll prob test drive the Mach e.

Trying to stay under 35k all in.

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The i3 is incredibly safe, no worries there. The ID.4 is a great choice, as is the Mustang Mach-E.

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